coffee meets pastry in portugal

“When asked to describe Portuguese cuisine, the average American will find themselves stumped. Even those who have personally visited the country often offer a limited menu: bacalhau, port wine, pastéis de nata, tinned fish. The truth is, for a country whose naval and trading prowess influenced so much of European cuisine—from the import of tea, spices and beyond—the culinary culture of Portugal itself is rarely celebrated outside the country’s own borders.

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As for Portuguese coffee culture, one would be forgiven for imagining a hand-me-down smattering of Italy’s espresso culture or France’s leisurely, intellectual cafés. In an effort to dig deeper, we sought the guidance of Maria Sena and Bruno Carvalho, Porto natives and founders of Amass. Cook. These former research scientists bring an analytical approach to their culinary writing and guided tours, diving into not only the what, but also the why behind the region’s unique traditions.”