the influence of design in today’s increasingly stylized coffee market

It has been a pleasure to work with Mothersauce on a three-part advertorial series for KitchenAid and the Specialty Coffee Chronicle. In my most recent piece, I examine design's ability to move beyond functionality to tell a compelling, three-dimensional story:

"There’s something about aesthetics that tells a story, bringing beauty and nostalgia to objects that would otherwise be merely useful. We see that every day in the world of coffee shops, whether in the form of professional espresso machines with sleek, almost automotive lines or in the stunning visual effects of a siphon coffee brewer. So why shouldn’t we see the same logic applied to all coffee equipment—including that which we use in our homes?"


nectar & pulse: 24 hours in new york

"I like to start my day early and biking is my transportation of choice. Ideally, my first destination would be one of the city’s outstanding bakeries—most likely Ovenly or High Street on Hudson—for a scone or a crusty loaf. But true bakery heaven is Lafayette. Housed inside one of the city’s most beautiful restaurants, this bakery is overseen by one of the city’s most talented young pastry chefs, Jennifer Yee. Don’t miss her eclairs, petits beurres cookies and wide assortment of traditional French loaves..."
Nectar & Pulse.jpg


the omnivore's agenda: april bloomfield

"...The truth is that it’s silly to consider any chef who has received as many accolades as Bloomfield—James Beard Awards and Michelin Stars among them—as a master of any one thing. In fact, for more than a decade, Bloomfield’s success has been her ability to successfully realize a wide range of restaurant concepts—from The Spotted Pig’s Italian-inflected gastropub menu to The Breslin’s hearty British plates, The John Dory’s seafood-centric dishes to Salvation Burger’s twist on an all-American classic."
 Photography by Noah Fecks

Photography by Noah Fecks