catch of the day: kinfolk

Kinfolk Magazine calls itself a "guide for small gatherings". Otherwise known as a guide to all your [Little House on the Prairie meets Martha Stewart clad in Anthropologie] fantasies.  The first printing of the first issue sold out faster than a batch of fresh biscuits, but you can read it online.

And since the "market mentality" is pro-technology these days, the very trendy-without-trying folks at Kinfolk have come up with some gorgeous videos that will make you swoon and want to quit your job immediately, just so you can film yourself peeling apples in slow motion.

If the water dripping off that asparagus isn't the most

a) beautiful b) sensual c) tantalizing

thing you've seen in food in a good long while...

...well then, you must be living in sepia tone and slow motion every day - and I'm jealous.