trail of crumbs

catch of the day: the trail of crumbs

Once upon a time, when I was living in Paris, a friend came to visit who told me that "food was not important" to her.  This, dear reader, caused something of a conundrum (see: panic attack).  For I was (a) in Paris to study food culture, (b) Paris is one of the most important food cities in the world, (c) a good number of the things I like to do in Paris involve observing/smelling/tasting food and (d) even when not directly interacting with food, I literally cannot walk down the street in Paris without thinking about the best food-related activities in the neighborhood. In fact, when someone asks me for things to do in any city, my suggestions (if not directly food related) will always be followed by - "and if you should happen to be hungry, there is this great [ fill-in-the-foodie-blank ] right around the corner...".

It was soothing to me, at that time, to have all my fellow ex-pat and native French friends react to this story with "Quoi? She does not care about food?" - just as it is rather delightful for me to have discovered the like-minded Trail of Crumbs, a self-pronounced "gastro-travelogue".

As California ex-pats living in Paris, Adrian and Danielle's passion for travel is only matched by their passion for food.  After years of helping friends plan exciting food-friendly vacations, they launched this website as a way to chronicle their favorite bites along the way, and they will even go so far as to provide you with individualized gastro-travel plans.  I'm looking forward to checking out their Paris Guide myself.

To date, I'm most impressed with their window-box gardening, and I'm excited to see what comes next!