recipe revisited: rice pudding

I never was much of a sweets girl, until I moved to Paris.  During my year back in the states, I've slowly reverted back to my preference for the savory over the sweet - with a few exceptional cravings.  Dark chocolate, mascapone/cream cheese frosted cakes (see carrot, red velvet...), gelato and pudding can still get me every time.  And when it comes to pudding , rice pudding and I have had a long, loyal love affair.

But if my fondness for riz au lait was only intensified by my Parisian meals at the likes of chez l'Ami Jean - it did not reach it's pinnacle until I tasted black rice pudding as a random dessert special at the little-known Bao Noodles (one of my family's favorite no-reservation-required NYC restos).  Savory and sweet, this was a dessert that could easily double for breakfast (which is exactly my kind of dessert).  And when I finally came around to inventing my own healthy(er) recipe, you betcha that this warm dessert graced my breakfast table cold (and shockingly, was more delicious as a leftover).

Black rice pudding(dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar-free)


1 cup black rice (rinsed and soaked overnight) 4 cups liquid (I usually do a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of non-dairy milk and water.  1:1 if sweetened, 2:1 if unsweetened.  Coconut milk works really nicely.) 3 dates, chopped into small pieces (Dates are a healthy(er) substitute to refined sugar) A splash of vanilla extract

1. Start by boiling your liquid.  I’d start 3.75 cups.  (You can add more water later)

2. While the liquid is boiling, re-rinse your soaked rice.  When liquid is near-boiling, grab a new pot.  Put the rice in this pot over a low flame, and add about half of your liquid.

3. As time goes on add the rest of the liquid gradually, and test for texture (should be a bit chewy, but not mushy, when done).

4. About 30-40 minutes into cooking, add a splash of vanilla extract and your chopped dates.

 Total cook time – about 45 minutes to an hour.

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