catch of the day: gentl & hyers

In New York, you encounter quite a few self-promoting artists - many to the point of cockiness, despite the overwhelming competition. But when you meet people who are truly talented, so comfortable in their own skin and creativity that they humbly approach you as "just another normal human being", that is a truly exceptional experience. Such was the case with Martin Hyers. My photographer sister and I were attending the Kinfolk social in Brooklyn, and struck up a conversation with a friendly neighbor in line for drinks. When he mentioned he was a photographer, my sister enthusiastically noted his name. It wasn't until later that we discovered he was not only a lovely person, but one half of the exquisitely talented Gentl & Hyers.


Photo credit: Gentl & Hyers Blog: Hungry Ghost (

The couple's work goes far beyond food, from travel to portraits to interiors. Their elusive aesthetic - captured moments that perch briefly before assuredly slipping away - renders all subjects equally beautiful.

Yet it is knowing that this remarkable art springs from graceful hearts and hands that makes it all the more gorgeous.