catch of the day: barry's tempeh

With one foot in the mainstream food world and the other in nutrition and wellness, my interest in all things edible can sometimes seem a little bipolar. So you can imagine that I get super excited whenever I come across anything that weds my craving for the tastiest eats with my passion for healthful cooking. Cue tempeh. I first discovered this “fermented soyfood” last summer, through my work at a local nutrition school. I liked the dense, al dente texture, plus I dug its nutty and slightly funky flavor. That said, I never felt motivated to find a grocery store that sells tempeh and cook it myself, since I am a total omnivore and actually like tofu (which is easier to find).

Then one day, I was at the New Amsterdam Market (where magical things happen on a weekly basis), and I came across Barry’s Tempeh.  I curiously grabbed a toothpick’ed sample and was immediately gesticulating with glee. I somehow persuaded my photog’ sister (who doesn’t eat things like tofu) to try it, and even she responded with an enthusiastic “hmph, pretty good!”

I grabbed a business card, scanned the list of stores that currently sell Barry’s, and went on my merry way.

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve raved about an exceptional local product. But the thing is… I couldn’t stop thinking about Barry’s. So you can imagine my delight when, a few weeks later, I was strolling around Smorgasburg with and discovered Barry’s was offering not only samples, but also selling a killer asian cabbage/tempeh salad. Given the surrounding stands offering succulent barbecue and unique Latin American fare, the friend I was with definitely thought me a little crazy. But then again, he was asking for a second bite once he had tasted my tempeh…

So here’s what you need to know:

Places you can check out Barry’s for yourself? -Saturdays @ Smorgasburg (N 6th & the Riverfront – Williamsburg, Brooklyn) -Sundays @ New Amsterdam Market (South Street Sea Port) -Sundays @ Community Market (5th Ave & 4th St, Park Slope, Brooklyn)

Or – check out this list of stores where you can purchase Barry’s (plus some restaurants where someone will cook it up for you!)